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Innovation, precision and speed

SågCenter is a full-range supplier of sawing technology and grinding services for industrial timber conversion and processing. We aim to be the most incisive and reliable partner in the timber industry. With innovative product and method development, we pave the way for your future growth and profitability. A full range of standard products – with the option of unique customised adaptations – offers a high return and accessibility beyond the norm.

At the leading edge in sawing technology

Regardless of whether you work with long series, short series, or specialised products, we tailor a solution that will not only meet your requirements but will also surprise you. As an innovation company, we have built up our know-how and experience over many decades. We develop pioneering technology that we use to create functional, profitable solutions for our customers. Several of our groundbreaking developments in bandsaw blades and grinding have helped to set a new industry standard when it comes to running times, speed, precision and use of materials. For more than 20 years we have systematically gathered data on how our customers’ saw blades have performed. We then use this data to develop new technology in order to increase speed and precision, reduce vibration, and minimise energy use.

What you can expect from us at SågCenter:

  • Rapid delivery
  • High quality
  • Exceptional availability
  • Long uptimes
  • Correct cost framework
  • Leading edge technology
  • Security and continuity
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Optimum return
  • Increased running speed

A long-term relationship

SågCenter is family owned, now into the second generation, with accumulated expertise going all the way back to 1949. Long-term thinking and stability are reflected in our systems and processes. You can rest assured that we will still be there to provide assistance when the time comes to renew and expand. We have recently invested in new production premises and commissioned a high-tech line that will offer our customers further competitive advantages.

We increase your profitability

Simply going ‘full speed ahead’ in most cases means missed opportunities. By monitoring and analysing how tools perform in production, we identify potential savings and find ways of increasing speed and return. What is the reason behind the stoppages? Do the same types of damage and problems occur repeatedly? How effective is it to change tools when grinding? Is replacing the raw material the best approach? We study and analyse your production over a period of time and produce a strategic plan of action, complete with recommendations regarding tool choice, grinding frequency and ongoing improvements to your existing machinery.