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Unique bandsaw blades manufactured in-house

SågCenter is one of the market leaders in bandsaw blades. We develop and manufacture our own products and deliver directly to the customer. Our innovative technology ensures longer running times and higher production rates. And a narrower cut produces a higher return. We manufacture everything from toothed bandsaw materials to ready-to-use blades ranging in width from 75-320 mm and in thickness from 1-1.65 mm. The blades are delivered either welded in fixed lengths according to the machine supplier’s recommendations, or in strict accordance with your needs and wishes. As part of the process, we keep a close eye on every stage to ensure the correct level of quality is maintained. Our bandsaw blades are manufactured using the very best raw materials. Perfectly programmed heat treatment gives the steel exactly the right combination of hardness and durability, resulting in high wear resistance and high fatigue strength with retained elasticity and firmness.

Choose the right blade

We offer high-quality products for reducers, cutters, edgers, trimmers, planers, splitters, shears and veneering and bending equipment. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Optimal profitability

  • Higher running speed – up to 100 m/minute and above
  • Longer running times between grinding
  • A narrower cut offers a higher return – chips instead of sawdust
  • Rapid delivery – you never need to wait
  • Customised saw blades for your specific machines and needs – enhanced efficiency and productivity

Secure and efficient

As a full-service customer, you have access to SågCenter’s extensive expertise. All tools in your set-up are delivered according to plan or in response to sub-orders. A grinding service is included as agreed, with the option of going to the head of the queue. Regular follow-ups, complete with statistics and analysis of how your tools are functioning in production, is an integral part of the agreement. We follow up the tools on an individual basis, identify potential damage and problems, and present proposals for improvements.