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Give your capacity that extra edge

Production should never come to a halt because of blunt tools. With a growing demand for higher feeding rates and accuracy, tools and machines that offer total reliability are vital. Having a grinding shop in-house is a time-consuming and costly enterprise for many sawmills. SågCenter offers a complete grinding service, ensuring efficient inward and outward flows of carefully and correctly ground tools.

SågCenter’s grinding technology has set new standards, resulting in longer running times and improved sharpness. We grind using machines we have developed and built ourselves. Our service organisation can cope with high capacity demands, and can handle large volumes with a rapid turnaround. We are 100% customer adapted and can provide a grinding service on different levels. From service provision for individual product groups to a full-scale undertaking. With our All-inclusive service agreement, you receive extensive data and analyses showing exactly how your tools are performing in production, offering you a highly effective source of support in your business development programme.

Newly ground tools always in stock

Contact us at SågCenter – we can guarantee newly ground tools are always available at your production facility. We calculate the ideal logistics flow based on your normal wear rate and adapt the delivery schedule accordingly. You receive a return slip with each grinding delivery. All you need to do is ensure the worn knife or blade is collected – it couldn’t be simpler or more reassuring!